Photography provided by Jared Chambers

In 1999, Digital Planet was founded to help businesses operate more effectively by utilizing technology solutions.


Our Mission

We exist to help other small to medium sized businesses grow by reviewing their needs, positioning the right solution and then training them how to best utilize their technology to communicate effectively. Our model is simple, we constantly listen to the needs of our client and position the proper valued products and services and then top that with exceptional services and followup. This simple formula coupled with great customer relationships have kept us on a steady growth path.

Digital Planet is by definition of it's DNA an outsourced Technology Consulting Firm. It's our job to help you with your help desk needs, implementing your latest ERP or CRM solution or even designing and deploying your corporate wide network security solution. But unlike a traditional IT company the story we want to tell is about who we are, what we can do and more importantly how we can help you. 


Examples of our work

For Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe we have been there from day one. When Gretchen Carhartt Valade opened Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI and needed an network built and managed for her upscale establishment she called Digital Planet. We built and designed the back of house network for the point of sale system, the guest wireless network with promotional system, onsite & offsite backup and overall network security system. This process went so well we were hired to manage and build IT infrastructure at her other businesses (Capricious and Morning Glory Cafe).

When JC Fodale Energy Services of Louisiana needed some major engineering help in building out full enterprise networks (SAT connections for voip and data, point to point 20mile microwave links and desktop infrastructure) in extremely remote locations often with no public utilities they turned to us. Their main Texas yard had a single 2 megabit DSL circuit, deploying the right equipment and proper bandwidth management were able to serve VOIP, VPN for Kronos time clocks and basic e-mail and web surfing for over 60 computers until we could upgrade services to fiber-optics months later. Since then JC Fodale has hired us over the past three years to design, deploy and manage networks in seven states. 

Our first major client was Americenters Inc, an Executive Office Suite serving clients throughout the midwest. One of our initial projects was to help them build a network for offering clients T1 internet access. Whole buildings needed to be wired up, services brought in and a managed network designed and constructed. We did this in one location and was such a success that we were hired to manage all their networks across the midwest and we eventually added on a host of services as both our companies have grown. Today Americenters maintains a state of the art Cisco Powered Network and offers phenomenal services for business professionals needing single or multiple office spaces in Greater Detroit, Chicago and Columbus. 


Digital Planet helped create an in-house reservation system saving us thousands of dollars over the past 5 years. They listened to our needs and crafted a solution that fit our budget.
— Tom Robins, CEO Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe

Some of What We've Achieved Over 15 Years

  • Helped hundreds of businesses with their technology needs.
  • Created and spun off a new division DPSS which designs and builds solar powered surveillance trailers.
  • Worked with and continuously supported several Not for Profit groups by donating equipment, labor and software.
  • Documented growth of  more than 25% per year
  • Developed a fleet of Mobile Support Units to provide full on-site services for our clients.
  • Created a Gas & Oil services division for our clients in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Ohio